Land/Water & Moving Image Arts · 25:02:15

Land/Water & Moving Image Arts

Of This Parish is being screened as part of the Land/Water and Moving Image Arts research presentation series on 25 February 2015

Land/Water consists of artists, writers and curators who embrace a diversity of creative and critical practices. As a research group based at Plymouth University it operates as a forum for interrogation of nature and culture, aesthetics and representation. Questioning imagery and practices relating to land, landscape and place is central to their ethos. As artists, writers, curators they work individually exploring space and place as a point of departure for experimenting in new modes of communication through picturing. The work that is generated addresses a range of issues including environmental change, sustainability, journey, site and regional specificity. A forum for theoretical and methodological debate is constructed through research events, exchange exhibitions, conferences, symposia and publications.

As part of the Land/Water research events, David will introduce Of This Parish and talk about the background to the project and the screening will be followed by a Q+A discussion.  The location is Scott Building, Plymouth University,

Of This Parish follows St. Anthony on a journey from a church tower to the threshold at which its bells can be heard. The film is both a sonic portrait of the Parish of Sul and a meditation on the changing role of bells in a rural community


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