Disquiet Image: Chroma · 24:04:15

Disquiet Image: Chroma

Chroma: Interaction of Noise

Chroma: Interactions of Noise will be presented at the Disquiet Image Symposium on 29 April 2015

Frances will be presenting Chroma: interaction of noise as a performance/lecture as part of the Falmouth University’s School of Art Research Forum, Disquiet Image Symposium. The original installation will be shaped by the conventions of the lecture presentation and in so doing; will explore the interactions of noise, colour and listening, raising questions around the theme of the disquiet image.

Chroma: Interaction of Noise was first shown in the Paul Stolper Gallery in London and was part of an exhibition series called ‘The Silence Between’ where invited artists were asked to respond to the space of the gallery between the gallery’s usual scheduled shows. 'The Silence Between' was curated by Paul Stolper and Adrian Corker.

In Chroma: Interaction of Noise, we use the colours of noise: white, grey, pink, purple, blue and brown – played by 6 portable tape recorders – to shape our perception of the ‘white box’ of the gallery space. The project evolved out of our interest in the sound of ‘noise’, its implied redundancy within music and its impact on our perception of the environments in which we live. Two meanings of ‘noise’ interact with each other - sound with no discernable pitch and noise as the ‘ghost in the machine’.


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