To Intercession in Viseu · 17:12:15

To Intercession in Viseu

To Intercession © Manuela Barile (Binaural/Nodar)

To Intercession is now showing at Casa das Memórias (Viseu, Portugal) until 17 April 2016.

To Intercession was commissioned by Binaural/Nodar for the Viseu Rural 2.0 Collective Exhibition at Casa das Memórias (Viseu, Portugal). The show is open from 28 November 2015 – 17 April 2016. The exhibition is part of the Viseu Rural 2.0 project Documenting and [Re]expressing Rural Heritage and as invited artists Liminal were asked to respond to the archive of recordings and videos that have been collected as part of the Viseu Rural 2.0 project.

For more information go to: Binaural/Nodar

Invited artists include: Luís Costa, David Prior, Frances Crow, Antye Greie (AGF), Sérgio Bonilha, Luciana Ohira, Jason Kahn, Rui Costa, Maile Colbert


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