Of This Parish: Creed · 11:12:18

Of This Parish: Creed

Liminal's new installation Creed will be premiered as part of the De Montford University, Leicester In Situ Festival from 13 - 15 December 2018

Creed is part of a series of works collectively titled Of This Parish, in which liminal has explored different aspects of bells and their relationship to culture.

Like their previous project To Intercession, Creed focuses on the role bells have played in interceding between humans and God. Just as prayers are often inscribed into the metal of bells, casting them to heaven when played, so too were bells understood by the early church to represent the voice of God. In Creed, the voices of congregants are transmuted into bell tones, in such a way as to make the bells ‘speak’.

Installed in St Nicholas' Church, Leicester, Creed is a four-part work that juxtaposes the voices of members of the congregation reading statements of faith with recordings of the bells of St Nicholas. The words are taken from the Church of England’s Nicene Creed, the more archaic Athanasius Creed and the contemporary Statement of Belief for the Inclusive Church. The piece was made possible with the support of Rev’d Canon Karen Rooms, Alan Baker, Sylvia Bamkin, Seann Fernandes, Ian Imlay, Mark Ingle, Deborah Kiggwe, Rosemary Ogwuike and Susan Owera.

Thanks also to Dr. Peter Batchelor for his role as producer for MTI2, and for collaborating on the audio signal processing that forms the final section of this piece. Liminal were commissioned to make Creed by De Montfort University’s Music Technology and Innovation Institute for Sonic Creativity (MTI2) as part of their Interfaces research project for the In Situ — European Sounds in Space festival, held in Leicester from 13–15 December 2018. The project was co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. 


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