Documents associated with particular projects can be found via the key next the main gallery pane. This page consolidates all of those documents in one place.

Warwick Bar Masterplan Interim Report 2006
This interim report sets out the work we undertook as Lead Artists for the Warwick Bar Masterplan.
warwick_bar_marsterplan_interim_report_2006.pdf (1268kb)
Warwick Bar Soundwalk Map
Warwick Bar Soundwalk map. You can download the complete soundwalk as an MP3 from Soundcloud.
warwick_bar_soundwalk_map_2006.pdf (56kb)
Artists and Places (2008)
CABE publication on the PROJECT scheme featuring the Warwick Bar Masterplan and Soundwalk.
warwick_bar_masterplan_Artist_and_Places_2008.pdf (3110kb)
Black Water Brown Water Soundwalk Map
Black Water Brown Water Soundwalk map. You can download the complete soundwalk as an MP3 from Soundcloud.
black_water_brown_water_soundwalk_map_2009.pdf (615kb)
Cotswold Water Park Strategic Masterplan Topic Paper (2007)
cotswold_water_park_topic_paper_2007.pdf (6362kb)
Tranquillity is a State of Mind Final Report
Full summary of the research project Tranquillity is a State of Mind funded by the Wellcome Trust Arts Grants
tranquillity_final_report_2010.pdf (2798kb)
Organ of Corti Impact and Evaluation Report
Organ_of_Corti_Impact_and_Evaluation_Report.pdf (1776kb)
Organ of Corti-selected press clippings
Organ_of_Corti-selected_press_clippings.pdf (7662kb)
A Guide to Organ of Corti
A digital copy of the catalogue of the Organ of Corti tour. If you would like a printed version including the braille poem please contact us using our contact form.
A_Guide_to_Organ_of_Corti.pdf (3773kb)
Sustrans Evaluation Report
Sustrans_Evaluation_report_worcester_arts_project.pdf (1412kb)
Sustrans Evaluation Report
Sustrans_Evaluation_Report (1412kb)
Cochlea Unwound Public Art Statement
Cochlea_Unwound_Public_Art_Statement (969kb)
Score for Of This Parish
E-publication for use by groups of sound-recordists to produce their own version of Of This Parish in their own Parish.
Score_for_Of_This_Parish (3987kb)