02:04:14 · Of This Parish: Bath Abbey Installation

Of This Parish:Bath Abbey explores the territory of Bath Abbey’s bells and was conceived by David Prior and Frances Crow and realised in Bath with ICIA through a participatory field... more

27:03:14 · Of This Parish: Freguesia de Sul

Of This Parish: Freguesia de Sul, was filmed on location in the Parish of Sul, Portugal as part of a three week residency with Binaural/Nodar, supported by the... more

10:03:14 · Audiograft – Artist Talk

The idea of a ‘Parish’ – a common device used to delineate territory while also defining a sacred community – was an articulation of acoustic space: the Parish was the... more

28:02:14 · Of This Parish at Audiograft 2014

Since November 2013 we have been working with Felicity Ford, AKA Felix, the Oxford Society of Change Ringers and alumni from Oxford Brookes University... more

23:01:14 · Of This Parish: Bath Abbey

As part of the ICIA’s spring programme, Liminal will be running a 2-day workshop for 8 participants who will learn the skills of field-recording to enable them to realise a... more