22:09:14 · TodaysArt: Bright Collisions

Framing Listening and the Phonosphere, will show examples from Liminal’s projects including, Organ of Corti and Of This Parish that expand on the title theme.The talk is part of the... more

05:09:14 · Fort Process: Report

Historically, cannons and bells have been made in the same forges and in times of war, bells have been melted down to make cannons. In Report the sound of a... more

04:09:14 · World Documentary Film & TV Conference

The World Documentary Film & TV Conference aims to bring together international scholars and film practitioners, to contribute to world cinema documentary studies and to film theory/practice debate. It seeks... more

20:07:14 · Of This Parish: Invisible Cities, Viseu

The Invisible Cities Symposium runs from 11 – 20 July 2014 and explores the relationship between acoustic design in the public realm and the wider influence sound has on our... more

02:04:14 · Of This Parish: Bath Abbey Installation

Of This Parish:Bath Abbey explores the territory of Bath Abbey’s bells and was conceived by David Prior and Frances Crow and realised in Bath with ICIA through a participatory field... more