Arcades: Who’s Most Lost? · 06:11:11

Arcades: Who’s Most Lost?

Arcades release their debut album ‘Who’s Most Lost?’ on the New Zealand record label, Rattle.

“One might be tempted to use terms like ‘post-pop’, ‘art-pop’, ‘avant-pop’, ‘alt-pop’, ‘ambient-pop’, ‘experimental’ or ‘alternative’, and to cite the influence of artists such as Laurie Anderson, David Sylvian, and (particularly) late period Talk Talk (Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock), but Arcades are charting their own moving and quietly unsettling sonic world. Trained as composers and having played in bands, David and Dugal are inquisitive, sonically omnivorous musical artists, ever-fond of crossing borders between music and sound art.” Rattle


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