Audiograft Festival 2012 · 02:03:12

Audiograft Festival 2012

David Prior will be performing 2 March (tonight) at Audiograft, Oxford’s festival of sound art and music.

Concentrating on sounds with a high degree of micro complexity but macro level stasis, David eschews all sense of 'development' as such and instead concentrates on using essentially unedited field recordings in the development of dense, static, immersive textures, which unfold almost imperceptibly slowly.

David began making improvised, multi-channel performances in 2006, responding to a request to perform sound material that he had previously presented as a fixed media installation. As a sound designer and composer he makes lots of recordings, and the act of doing so is very important to him. However, very often these recordings become ‘material’ for further manipulation and abstraction. In these ‘stasis’ performances then, David often takes sound materials he’s used in installations and fixed media pieces and returns his focus to whatever it was that attracted him to these sounds in the first place.


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