Sounding Brighton · 15:06:12

Sounding Brighton

Liminal will be contributing to the ‘Sounding Brighton’ workshop and exhibition, organised by the Noise Abatement Society and international soundscape experts involved in the European Cooperation in Science and Technology network.

Liminal will present Organ of Corti as part of a meeting of the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Network which will take place on the 18th & 19th June 2012 at Brighton Town Hall, Bartholomew Square, Brighton, BN1 1JA. The workshop will consider ways of using sound as a ‘resource’ rather than avoiding noise as ‘waste’ and will be orientated towards practical methods for assessing and improving soundscapes.

Brighton and Hove City Council, with the Noise Abatment Society are hosting the ‘Sounding Brighton’ workshop. It provides opportunities to discuss how soundscape concepts might, alongside tackling conventional noise problems, contribute to planning and environmental improvement in a range of areas, locally as well as in other cities. Facilitating exchange between international soundscape experts involved in COST network and City of Brighton & Hove, the primary focus is on soundscape issues related to health, quality of life and restorative functions of the environment. The event provides the opportunity to raise awareness and promote communication on soundscapes among the general public, stakeholders and those involved in policy, including encouraging exploration of new ways of listening in local soundscapes, and new ways of tackling noise and improving local soundscape quality.


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