NeuroArts 3 - Noise · 22:06:12

NeuroArts 3 - Noise

Liminal will be speaking at NeuroArts 3 Conference, ‘Noise: as glue, as buoyancy’ at University of Plymouth on 28 and 29 June 2012

NeuroArts 3 – Noise: as glue, as buoyancy, will consider ‘noise as the glue between internal and external experience, a link between sensing and cognition, memory and perception’. Noise may be considered as a residue of memory, temporarily rupturing the present. For many noise is the result of overstimulation manifested as ringing in a space that is some place and no place. Noise is the kick that enables physical systems to explore potential dynamical possibilities. Noise is the underlying endogenous stimulation of the brain, a platform for cognition but also a place of danger where cultural and political manipulation may happen.

NeuroArts brings together artists, scientists and philosophers to share ideas and present their work. The conference is an interdisciplinary exploration and interrogation of the field, an exchange of ideas between artists, writers, experimenters and theoreticians. Rather than examining artistic practice to illustrate and understand concepts in Brain research, NeuroArts emphasizes how research into perception and cognition are influencing artistic and cultural practice. These ideas are multi-scale; from the level of the cell to the small cellular network up to the level of selves, interacting humans and including human-environmental interaction.

The conference is co-ordinated by Jane Grant and John Matthias, Directors of the art + sound Research Group at Plymouth University, UK. David Prior will act as Questions Chair following Jem Finer’s presentation ‘No such thing as noise’ and Sue Broadhurst’s ‘Aesthetics, Neuroaesthetics and Practices of Performance and Technology’ He will also present his own paper ‘The Organ of Corti as an experiment in auditory perception’. Speakers include: Magnus Richardson,
Daniel Glaser, 
Jane Grant,
Aden Evens,
Sue Denham,
John Matthias,
Paul Broks,
Salomé Voegelin,
Susan Broadhurst,
Jem Finer, 
Matt Wade,
Martine Hamann,
David Prior.



  • Organ of Corti,
  • Sound Art,
  • General