Conversations: Mobile Sinfonia · 26:07:12

Jem Finer is in conversation with David Prior about Mobile Sinfonia, Thursday 2 August, 6.30pm, Arnolfini, Bristol

Following the successful launch of his Mobile Sinfonia project in March, artist and composer Jem Finer discusses his work at the Arnolfini, with leading composer and sound artist, David Prior. Both artists are PRS for Music Foundation's New Music Award winners for Score for a Hole in the Ground and Organ of Corti respectively. At the Arnolfini they will discuss Mobile Sinfonia in the context of their other work.

Mobile Sinfonia is an indeterminate musical composition scored for mobile phones through the free distribution of specially composed ringtones. Each Mobile Sinfonia ringtone is a ‘voice’ in the composition. Together they make a global orchestra of electronic instruments. Finer is uncomfortable with labels such as composer, sound artist or musician. His work emanates from the same obsessive curiosity that has led him, among other things, to make films, take photographs, form bands, draw, write, perform, compose, play music and build installations. An enduring fascination with deep time and space has been the impetus behind much of Finer’s work, such as Longplayer, Cosmolog or Score for a Hole in the Ground.


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