On What It Might Mean To Be Spinning · 13:09:12

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On What it Might Mean To Be Spinning, David Prior and Larry Lynch's short film, featured in Happy Days, Enniskillen’s International Beckett Festival from 23rd to 27th August 2012.

Happy Days is the world’s first annual festival to celebrate the work and influence of Nobel Prize-winning writer Samuel Beckett.

Dark At Its Full – An Evening of Music and Film on reflections of Beckett’s novella Mercier and Camier, was curated by Dr. Helen Sharp and included work by Dr. Catherine Laws, Seamus Harahan and Thirty Pounds of Bone, Ciarán Maher and David Prior and Larry Lynch.

Since 2002, David Prior has made a series of short films often characterised by their brevity and simplicity. On a number of these films, he has collaborated with poet Larry Lynch, who as well as contributing texts often features in the films themselves. Their collaboration On What it Might Mean to be Spinning features the voice of poet John Hall.


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