Humbly Through The Dust · 26:09:12

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David Prior’s short film, Larry Lynch Meets a Pony will feature in the exhibition Humbly Through the Dust, as part of the 2012 Fermanagh Festival from 4 October to 3 November.

Humbly Through The Dust is a unique exhibition inspired by The British Council Collection and curated especially for County Fermanagh by artist and resident Dr. Helen Sharp, who lives and works on Inisherk island (population 4) on the Crom Estate.

As part of the exhibition David Prior’s short film Larry Lynch Meets a Pony will feature alongside work by internationally recognised artists, Grayson Perry, Tracey Emin, Henry Moore, Mark Wallinger, Sean Gooden and Maggi Hambling, and work by some of the most exciting contemporary artists living and working on the island of Ireland (population 5.4 million). These include work by Ursula Burke, Deirdre McKenna, Megs Morley and Tom Flanagan, Seamus Harahan, Duncan Ross, Sean Lynch, Anne Quail, Annie-June Callaghan, Julie Bacon, Nicholas Keogh and Catherine Roberts.

The title of the exhibition is taken from the novel Ring O’Rushes written by Shan Fadh Bullock, born on Inisherk in 1865. Both fictitious and autobiographical, Bullock’s writing borrows from fact and from imagination to weave tales of rural life and so too does Humbly Through The Dust. The exhibition gleans from the curious notion of how the autobiographical is manifest within a rural landscape or outland, and has at its heart, the curator’s response to the experience of living in County Fermanagh and her witness to man’s bond with nature, the land and in particular to its animals.

  • Venue: The Cooper Wilkinson Gallery, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland
  • Preview:  Thursday 4 October 2012 at 7.00pm
  • Opening hours:  11.00am - 4.00pm, Monday - Saturday until 3rd November


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