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Of This Parish

Liminal have just returned from their 3-week residency at Binaural/Nodar, Portugal where they were exploring the idea of ‘Parish’ as defined by the earshot of a church bell.

The idea of a ‘Parish’ – a common device used to delineate territory while also defining a sacred community – is an articulation of acoustic space: the Parish can therefore be said to be the zone in which a church bell can be heard.

This notion of ‘Parish’ as phonosphere is the point of departure for Of This Parish. Bells have had a central role in the formation and solidification of communities. They have an immense power to evoke, to impart a feeling of time passing, foster reminiscence and to consolidate an individual’s identification with an auditory site.

In April 2013 we participated in Binaural/Nodar's residency programme at as part of their Divina Sonus Ruris: Creative Labs in Sound Art programme (Sound of the sacred in the rural environment) in the Gralheira mountain range, North Portugal. The outcome of the residency was presented as part of the Tramontana Festival in Sul, on 27 April 2013.

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