Chez Paulette · 01:05:13

Chez Paulette

Chez Paulette on the Sunset Strip is a film by Anya Lewin, with sound design by David Prior.

The film is being shown at the Peninsula Art Gallery, University of Plymouth from 27 April 2013 to 31 May 2013.

Set in the hills of the Sunset Strip, Chez Paulette, one of the new European-style coffee houses that emerged in Los Angeles in the late 1950s, attracted film stars, Marlon Brando, James Dean, Rita Hayworth and Jack Nicholson. This Hollywood haven was run by Anya Lewin’s father, Max Lewin, an occasional actor and immigrant from Europe. Chez Paulette was so smooth that a set of the café was featured, with Max as host, in the detective series 77 Sunset Strip.

Chez Paulette has been reconstructed again, this time in Plymouth. You can experience the lure of the after-dark; sip an espresso, watch a detective movie, and bring the European culture that travelled to Hollywood back again. The cafe is open daily between 1pm-3pm in the Peninsula Arts Gallery.


  • Sound Design,
  • David Prior,
  • General