29:03:12 · Listen to the life story of a city

Listen to the life story of a city: recent development of sound art in the UK by Ling-ching Chiang is an article that charts the development of sound art in... more

29:03:12 · Film of Organ of Corti

Organ of Corti by Liminal, winner of the PRS for Music Foundation’s New Music Award 2010 toured England over the summer of 2011. This film documents the project. A longer version... more

27:03:12 · Hemlock

Written for the Netherland’s Lunapark Ensemble, Hemlock by David Prior was premiered at the Concert Gebouw, Amsterdam on January 16th 2012 as part of Lunapark’s Satie Series. The second performance... more

20:03:12 · Bang Goes the Theory

The BBC 1 popular science programme Bang Goes the Theory featured an online ‘clip’ of Organ of Corti as part of ‘Is Life too Loud?’ the second episode of Series 6,... more

05:03:12 · Still Walking 2012

David will lead participants on a walk, listening to the varied soundscapes in the Digbeth area, using a number of listening exercises. The walk will start in the Bullring shopping... more

02:03:12 · Audiograft Festival 2012

Concentrating on sounds with a high degree of micro complexity but macro level stasis, David eschews all sense of 'development' as such and instead concentrates on using essentially unedited field... more