19:09:13 · Expanded Narratives

The reader, relocated, becomes a player, co-author or participant. How can we design, develop and experience locative sound, participatory theatre, pervasive and mobile games, flash fiction and works yet to... more

19:09:13 · Inventions for Radio

Underground (dir. David Prior, Liminal 2013) is a radio adaptation of a multi-channel sound installation made for the Heartlands tin mining museum in Pool, Cornwall. The original installation is spread... more

05:09:13 · Cassette Store Day

'The Silence Between' exhibition series at Paul Stolper's London gallery coincides with Cassette store day this Saturday 7 September, celebrating cassette only releases. You can hear the full composition at Paul... more

04:09:13 · Chroma - Private View

Chroma: Interaction of Noise uses the colours of noise to sculpt the sound-space of the ‘white-box’ of the Paul Stolper gallery Exhibition from Saturday 7 - 14 September 2013 Gallery opening times:... more