03:07:19 · Only Connect

Loneliness has been recognised as one of the greatest enemies of the older person, but this can also be ascribed to young people, who are currently reporting high levels of... more

15:05:19 · Transient Parish at Goonhilly Village Green 2019

For this year’s Goonhilly Village Green Gathering we have been developing ideas linking the transmission both of sound broadcast by bells and data transmitted by WiFi to create our ‘transient... more

11:12:18 · Of This Parish: Creed

Creed is part of a series of works collectively titled Of This Parish, in which liminal has explored different aspects of bells and their relationship to culture. Like their previous project... more

07:01:18 · Large Objects Moving Air 2018

Keynote speaker is J.R. Carpenter and performances include work by Laura Cannell, Chris Watson and James Dooley. ‘Large Objects Moving Air 2018 is a one day conference exploring the presence, agency... more

25:08:16 · Of This Parish at Sea Change Festival

Of This Parish follows St. Anthony on a journey from a church tower to the threshold at which its bells can be heard. The film is both a sonic portrait of... more

31:03:16 · Ethnografilm Festival, Paris

Of This Parish follows St. Anthony on a journey from a church tower to the threshold at which its bells can be heard. The film is both a sonic portrait of... more

17:12:15 · End of the Game: Field of Play

Liminal were commissioned by Zoe Chamberlain as part of the Cambridge KickstArt project funded by Crest Nicholson to create a piece that would memorialise the sound of the football crowd... more

17:12:15 · To Intercession in Viseu

To Intercession was commissioned by Binaural/Nodar for the Viseu Rural 2.0 Collective Exhibition at Casa das Memórias (Viseu, Portugal). The show is open from 28 November 2015 – 17 April 2016.... more

24:11:15 · Music at Brunel – Ringing the Changes

Since 2013 David Prior and Frances Crow (liminal) have made a series of sound pieces that span performance, film and sculpture, each exploring different aspects of the way bells have... more

08:11:15 · Of This Parish at Arnolfini

Of This Parish follows St. Anthony on a journey from a church tower to the threshold at which its bells can be heard. The film is both a sonic portrait of... more

08:09:15 · Goonhilly Village Green

Goonhilly Village Green 2015 (GVG) is an artist led pilot project, exploring a unique, environmentally sensitive area in Cornwall: Gonnhilly Downs. The Downs are a designated Site of Special Scientific... more

07:09:15 · Soundscapes and Sound Identities

Soundscapes & Sound Identities is the seventh international symposium on soundscape organized by the FKL (Forum Klanglandschaft) The symposium is hosted by‪ festival Portobeseno 2015 from 22 – 24 May... more

06:09:15 · Les Olympiades de la Physique

3 students calling themselves Group Sculpt the Sound, from Clelab High School Department of Science came third in the French Physics Olympiad. They worked with plans and drawings from our Organ... more

01:05:15 · BEAST FEaST Film Screening

The BEAST FEaST 2015, is 3 days of music, conversation and ideas featuring guest composers David Prior, Manuella Blackburn and Julian Rohrhuber. Of This Parish follows St. Anthony on a journey from... more

25:04:15 · Always 289ms Away

The BEAST FEaST 2015, is 3 days of music, conversation and ideas featuring guest composers David Prior, Manuella Blackburn and Julian Rohrhuber. Standing 100m tall (some say 99m, some say 110m),... more

24:04:15 · Disquiet Image: Chroma

Frances will be presenting Chroma: interaction of noise as a performance/lecture as part of the Falmouth University’s School of Art Research Forum, Disquiet Image Symposium. The original installation will be... more

16:04:15 · Cornwall Film Festival: Screening

The Cornwall Film Festival, screening of the walking related film Of This Parish directed by David Prior (Liminal) is part of the symposium Where to? Steps Towards the Future of Walking... more

04:03:15 · Cornwall Film Festival

In partnership with the AHRC Walking Artist Network, the Articulating Space Research Centre at Falmouth University is hosting a symposium called Where to? Steps Towards the Future of Walking Arts,... more

04:03:15 · Soundscapes and Sound Identities

The 7th FKL Symposium Soundscapes and Sound Identities will be held at the Castello Di Besenello, Italy from 22 – 24 May 2015.  Liminal will be presenting a paper on Of... more

25:02:15 · Land/Water & Moving Image Arts

Land/Water consists of artists, writers and curators who embrace a diversity of creative and critical practices. As a research group based at Plymouth University it operates as a forum for... more

11:12:14 · IMA International Film Festival 2014

The IMA International Film Festival is organised by the IMA Film Society and screens 200 films from 45 Countries. The screening categories include experimental film, animations documentary, feature films, music... more

22:09:14 · TodaysArt: Bright Collisions

Framing Listening and the Phonosphere, will show examples from Liminal’s projects including, Organ of Corti and Of This Parish that expand on the title theme.The talk is part of the... more

05:09:14 · Fort Process: Report

Historically, cannons and bells have been made in the same forges and in times of war, bells have been melted down to make cannons. In Report the sound of a... more

04:09:14 · World Documentary Film & TV Conference

The World Documentary Film & TV Conference aims to bring together international scholars and film practitioners, to contribute to world cinema documentary studies and to film theory/practice debate. It seeks... more

20:07:14 · Of This Parish: Invisible Cities, Viseu

The Invisible Cities Symposium runs from 11 – 20 July 2014 and explores the relationship between acoustic design in the public realm and the wider influence sound has on our... more

02:04:14 · Of This Parish: Bath Abbey Installation

Of This Parish:Bath Abbey explores the territory of Bath Abbey’s bells and was conceived by David Prior and Frances Crow and realised in Bath with ICIA through a participatory field... more

27:03:14 · Of This Parish: Freguesia de Sul

Of This Parish: Freguesia de Sul, was filmed on location in the Parish of Sul, Portugal as part of a three week residency with Binaural/Nodar, supported by the Arts Council... more

10:03:14 · Audiograft – Artist Talk

The idea of a ‘Parish’ – a common device used to delineate territory while also defining a sacred community – was an articulation of acoustic space: the Parish was the... more

28:02:14 · Of This Parish at Audiograft 2014

Since November 2013 we have been working with Felicity Ford, AKA Felix, the Oxford Society of Change Ringers and alumni from Oxford Brookes University and SARU practitioners on the realisation... more

23:01:14 · Of This Parish: Bath Abbey

As part of the ICIA’s spring programme, Liminal will be running a 2-day workshop for 8 participants who will learn the skills of field-recording to enable them to realise a... more

19:09:13 · Expanded Narratives

The reader, relocated, becomes a player, co-author or participant. How can we design, develop and experience locative sound, participatory theatre, pervasive and mobile games, flash fiction and works yet to... more

19:09:13 · Inventions for Radio

Underground (dir. David Prior, Liminal 2013) is a radio adaptation of a multi-channel sound installation made for the Heartlands tin mining museum in Pool, Cornwall. The original installation is spread... more

05:09:13 · Cassette Store Day

'The Silence Between' exhibition series at Paul Stolper's London gallery coincides with Cassette store day this Saturday 7 September, celebrating cassette only releases. You can hear the full composition at Paul... more

04:09:13 · Chroma - Private View

Chroma: Interaction of Noise uses the colours of noise to sculpt the sound-space of the ‘white-box’ of the Paul Stolper gallery Exhibition from Saturday 7 - 14 September 2013 Gallery opening times:... more

29:08:13 · Chroma: Interaction of Noise

Curated by Paul Stolper and composer Adrian Corker, ‘The Silence Between’ invites artists whose works use sound to involve and include the space between the gallery's usual scheduled shows. The... more

02:08:13 · Planning permission for Cochlea Unwound

Cochlea Unwound will be a permanent artwork sited on the West bank of the River Severn near Diglis Weir,Worcester. It takes the sound of the weir and filters it using... more

17:06:13 · SoundFjord: Listening Post


31:05:13 · SoundFjord - Of This Parish

Bells have had a central role in the formation and solidification of communities. They have an immense power to evoke, to impart a feeling of time passing, foster reminiscence and... more

23:05:13 · DMSA Day, Brighton Uni

DMSA day commences at 12:00 Liminal's talk is followed by a programme of student work from 2012/13 DMSA 1 | DMSA 2 | DMSA 3


01:05:13 · The Village

- more

01:05:13 · Chez Paulette

The film is being shown at the Peninsula Art Gallery, University of Plymouth from 27 April 2013 to 31 May 2013. Set in the hills of the Sunset Strip, Chez Paulette,... more

01:05:13 · Of This Parish

The idea of a ‘Parish’ – a common device used to delineate territory while also defining a sacred community – is an articulation of acoustic space: the Parish can therefore... more

04:04:13 · CEOCIO China Magazine

The CEOCIO China magazine is one of the leading publications about business management in China with focuses on technology-driven business. Liminal’s, PRS for Music Foundation’s New Music Award 2010 winning... more

13:02:13 · The Silence Between

Curated by Paul Stolper and composer Adrian Corker, The Silence Between invites artists whose works use sound to involve and include the space between the gallery’s usual scheduled shows. The... more

23:01:13 · Sensuous Knowledge 2013

The 7th Sensuous Knowledge Conference is held in Bergen, Norway from 23 - 25 January 2013 The Sensuous Knowledge Conferences started in 2004 as an international venue for presentation and discussion... more

30:11:12 · Phonurgia Nova Awards 2012

The final judging will take place as part of the Phonurgia Nova Festival de l'Ecoute (Festival of Listening), on 8 and 9 December 2012.  Festival de l'Ecoute is hosted by... more

09:11:12 · Guinness Storehouse Dublin

Liminal were commissioned in August 2012, by Tribal DDB London, to work with them on the sound design for their innovative Guinness Community Map for the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.... more

31:10:12 · Organ of Corti at University of Plymouth

The presentation covered the development of the ideas behind Organ of Corti and the impact that complex commissioning contexts can have on the creation of the work itself. Liminal were... more

31:10:12 · Nodar/Binaural Residency 2013

The focus of the Binaural/Nodar residency Divina Sonus Ruris, is on the sound of the sacred in rural communities. In response to this Liminal will explore the relationship between church bells... more

26:09:12 · Humbly Through The Dust

Humbly Through The Dust is a unique exhibition inspired by The British Council Collection and curated especially for County Fermanagh by artist and resident Dr. Helen Sharp, who lives and... more

13:09:12 · On What It Might Mean To Be Spinning

Happy Days is the world’s first annual festival to celebrate the work and influence of Nobel Prize-winning writer Samuel Beckett. Dark At Its Full – An Evening of Music and... more

26:07:12 · Conversations: Mobile Sinfonia

Following the successful launch of his Mobile Sinfonia project in March, artist and composer Jem Finer discusses his work at the Arnolfini, with leading composer and sound artist, David Prior.... more

07:07:12 · The Shape of Song

As an interdisciplinary approach to exploring through practice ‘lyric’s relationship to music … and performance’, this collaborative proposal responds to the last sentence in the narrative of the call for... more

22:06:12 · NeuroArts 3 - Noise

NeuroArts 3 – Noise: as glue, as buoyancy, will consider ‘noise as the glue between internal and external experience, a link between sensing and cognition, memory and perception’. Noise may... more

20:06:12 · Supersonix Conference

The Supersonix Conference runs from 21-23 June 2012 and will celebrate the art and science of sound. A partnership with the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Europe, the Supersonix conference... more

15:06:12 · Sounding Brighton

Liminal will present Organ of Corti as part of a meeting of the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Network which will take place on the 18th & 19th... more

09:05:12 · Prix Ars Electronica, Honorary Mention

Launched in 1987, the Prix Ars Electronica is the acknowledged trend barometer in the international media art scene. Each year, juries composed of well-known experts single out outstanding work for... more

29:03:12 · Listen to the life story of a city

Listen to the life story of a city: recent development of sound art in the UK by Ling-ching Chiang is an article that charts the development of sound art in... more

29:03:12 · Film of Organ of Corti

Organ of Corti by Liminal, winner of the PRS for Music Foundation’s New Music Award 2010 toured England over the summer of 2011. This film documents the project. A longer version... more

27:03:12 · Hemlock

Written for the Netherland’s Lunapark Ensemble, Hemlock by David Prior was premiered at the Concert Gebouw, Amsterdam on January 16th 2012 as part of Lunapark’s Satie Series. The second performance... more

20:03:12 · Bang Goes the Theory

The BBC 1 popular science programme Bang Goes the Theory featured an online ‘clip’ of Organ of Corti as part of ‘Is Life too Loud?’ the second episode of Series 6,... more

05:03:12 · Still Walking 2012

David will lead participants on a walk, listening to the varied soundscapes in the Digbeth area, using a number of listening exercises. The walk will start in the Bullring shopping... more

02:03:12 · Audiograft Festival 2012

Concentrating on sounds with a high degree of micro complexity but macro level stasis, David eschews all sense of 'development' as such and instead concentrates on using essentially unedited field... more

16:12:11 · An Architectural Pill

Pill-A is a refreshingly new space on everything Architecture… It offers weekly reflection on what is new in Architecture or what has not yet found the coverage it deserves” more

01:12:11 · 20ft to an Inch

20ft to an Inch is the documentation of Rob Colbourne’s conversations with people of Worcester along the riverside between City Bridge and Diglis Bridge during 2011. A twelve meter text map... more

15:11:11 · ‘Noise Oscar’ for Organ of Corti

Winners of the 11th annual John Connell Awards, dubbed the ‘Noise Oscars’, were announced by the Noise Abatement Society (NAS) on 8th November at a packed awards ceremony in the... more

06:11:11 · Arcades: Who’s Most Lost?

“One might be tempted to use terms like ‘post-pop’, ‘art-pop’, ‘avant-pop’, ‘alt-pop’, ‘ambient-pop’, ‘experimental’ or ‘alternative’, and to cite the influence of artists such as Laurie Anderson, David Sylvian, and... more

06:11:11 · Organ of Corti on SoundArt Radio 102.5 FM

Broadcast on 25 October 2011 at 7.30 – 8.30 pm, Lesley Goss discusses with David Prior and Frances Crow the development of the PRS for music Foundation’s New Music Award... more

06:11:11 · Organ of Corti Tea Lecture

On Sunday 25 March 2012 at 2-4pm Liminal will discuss the ideas behind Organ of Corti and the implications that it has on our experience of listening and our relationship... more

06:11:11 · Award nomination for Organ of Corti

“The John Connell Innovation Award aims to encourage the development of new solutions to resolve noise pollution problems, using a pioneering approach that addresses this issue from a unique standpoint.... more

08:09:11 · Organ of Corti at Poltimore House, Exeter

This National Heritage weekend, 10 and 11 September 2011, Organ of Corti by liminal, winner of PRS for Music Foundation’s New Music Award (2010) will be at Poltimore House in... more

14:08:11 · Eccentric Britain

See "Eccentric Britain - Life less ordinary: eccentric activities" pg3 Travel Section, Saturday 13 August 2011. more

03:08:11 · Field Studies 2011

Field Studies 2011 is a four-day summer-school led by four acclaimed sound artists, architects and composers. It explores the possibilities of engaging with places through listening, and working with recorded... more

25:07:11 · Organ of Corti: Cotswold Water Park

Monday 15th from 5.30pm - Wednesday 17th August at 6pm: Cotswold Water Park: Lake 6, Gateway Centre, Spine Road East, South Cerney near A419 (Free) parking at the Gateway Centre. Monday... more

29:06:11 · Breaking the noise barrier

Organ of Corti is featured in Time Out this week, with a full page spread edited by Jonathan Lennie. more

18:06:11 · Organ of Corti Map

For directions to locations for Organ of Corti please see the  Organ of Corti map more

18:06:11 · Organ of Corti Listening Walk - WMF

Sunday 21st August 1pm (walk starts at 2pm): Liminal will lead a 'listening walk' along the West bank of the river Severn. Based on their Diagnosing the Sound of the... more

18:06:11 · Organ of Corti Artist Talk - WMF

Friday 19th August 6pm: liminal will give a talk about the history of the project and the relationship it has to their ongoing project Tranquillity is a State of Mind... more

18:06:11 · Organ of Corti: Worcester Music Festival

Friday August 19th 8am - Sunday 21st 5pm: Worcester Music Festival, Diglis Weir on the River Severn. (Free) The final stage on Organ of Corti tour is Worcester Music Festival. The... more

18:06:11 · Organ of Corti Schools Day - LDSM

Monday 11 July: A special visit to the Organ of Corti for schools in South Lakeland and Eden For further details of how to attend, schools should contact Christian Barnes on... more

18:06:11 · Organ of Corti: Borrowdale Valley Walk - LDSM

The half day event is open to anyone but places are limited. This is an opportunity to meet the artists and to consider the soundscapes of the Tebay Gorge and... more

18:06:11 · Organ of Corti: Lake District Summer Music Festival

Saturday 9th July - Sunday 10th July: Lake District Summer Music Festival, Lay-by on A685, overlooking M6. (Book Here) Imagined and built by liminal, comprising architect Frances Crow and sound... more

18:06:11 · Organ of Corti City Soundscape Walk - COLF

Sunday 3 July 2pm: Sonic artist and soundscape researcher John Levack Drever leads this special Festival walk focusing on the everyday sounds of the City as they unfold around us.... more

10:06:11 · Organ of Corti: City of London Festival

The Organ of Corti will be at the City of London Festival from 1 – 7 July at Carter Lane Gardens, opposite St Paul's and at the top of St... more

30:05:11 · Organ of Corti - Tour Dates

Organ of Corti will be touring England between 1 July to 21 August 2011. Carter Lane Gardens, City of London: 1 - 7 July Lay-By on A685 overlooking M6, Tebay Gorge, Cumbria:... more

07:04:11 · Launch of new website

Liminal launch their new website. The site was funded with support from the Knowledge Escalator South West Proof of Concept fund, administered by University College Falmouth. more

03:04:11 · Heartlands

Liminal have been commissioned to design the sound for the Heartlands exhibition in Pool, Cornwall, which will open in October 2011.  We are working for Centre Screen on a 270... more

30:03:11 · Arts Council Funding

The Arts Council England support for The Organ of Corti project will allow us to increase access to and widen engagement with The Organ of Corti at each of the... more

28:03:11 · Ways of Hearing

Practitioners from a broad range of disciplines are engaging in a programme designed to create an interdisciplinary exploration of how sound impacts on our understanding and shaping of the city. Established... more