04:09:14 · World Documentary Film & TV Conference

The World Documentary Film & TV Conference aims to bring together international scholars and film practitioners, to contribute to world cinema documentary studies and to film theory/practice debate. It seeks... more

01:05:13 · The Village

- more

01:05:13 · Chez Paulette

The film is being shown at the Peninsula Art Gallery, University of Plymouth from 27 April 2013 to 31 May 2013. Set in the hills of the Sunset Strip, Chez Paulette,... more

09:11:12 · Guinness Storehouse Dublin

Liminal were commissioned in August 2012, by Tribal DDB London, to work with them on the sound design for their innovative Guinness Community Map for the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.... more

26:09:12 · Humbly Through The Dust

Humbly Through The Dust is a unique exhibition inspired by The British Council Collection and curated especially for County Fermanagh by artist and resident Dr. Helen Sharp, who lives and... more

13:09:12 · On What It Might Mean To Be Spinning

Happy Days is the world’s first annual festival to celebrate the work and influence of Nobel Prize-winning writer Samuel Beckett. Dark At Its Full – An Evening of Music and... more

26:07:12 · Conversations: Mobile Sinfonia

Following the successful launch of his Mobile Sinfonia project in March, artist and composer Jem Finer discusses his work at the Arnolfini, with leading composer and sound artist, David Prior.... more

07:07:12 · The Shape of Song

As an interdisciplinary approach to exploring through practice ‘lyric’s relationship to music … and performance’, this collaborative proposal responds to the last sentence in the narrative of the call for... more

27:03:12 · Hemlock

Written for the Netherland’s Lunapark Ensemble, Hemlock by David Prior was premiered at the Concert Gebouw, Amsterdam on January 16th 2012 as part of Lunapark’s Satie Series. The second performance... more

02:03:12 · Audiograft Festival 2012

Concentrating on sounds with a high degree of micro complexity but macro level stasis, David eschews all sense of 'development' as such and instead concentrates on using essentially unedited field... more

06:11:11 · Arcades: Who’s Most Lost?

“One might be tempted to use terms like ‘post-pop’, ‘art-pop’, ‘avant-pop’, ‘alt-pop’, ‘ambient-pop’, ‘experimental’ or ‘alternative’, and to cite the influence of artists such as Laurie Anderson, David Sylvian, and... more