Cotswold Water Park, Strategic Masterplan (2007)

Cotswold Water Park Strategic Masterplan Topic Paper (2007)
cotswold_water_park_topic_paper_2007.pdf (6362kb)

In June 2007 liminal were asked by 'In Our Element' the strategic art programme for the Cotswold Water Park Society, to contribute to the Scott Wilson Masterplan which looks at a 20-year strategy for the development of the Cotswold Water Park.

  • “The Cotswold Water Park is a vast, diverse and fragmented region. Its 44 square miles of wetland exist on the old flood plain of the River Thames, created by human intervention through gravel and sand extraction. By 2050 it will be the largest manmade wetland complex in Europe; the key contributory factor to this is commercial and industrial activity. The most prolific fossil site in the UK is in the Water Park. It is ecologically highly significant. 10 of the 143 lakes already have SSSI status, due to the aquatic flora that thrives in the lime rich waters.” Lesley Greene, In Our Element, Cotswold Water Park Society.

As part of our approach, we produced a topic paper for the main masterplan, which looked at the opportunities for development within the Cotswold Water Park that may not be revealed by conventional masterplanning techniques.

We began our investigation by identifying potential ways of improving noise control and exploring ways in which reducing and controlling noise might bring added value to a site like the Cotswold Water Park. This preliminary study became the inspiration for a more in-depth artistic enquiry into notions of tranquillity and ways in which tranquillity might be experienced in this context. This theme was taken up in our Wellcome Trust funded project Tranquillity is a State of Mind, which we developed in partnership with Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity.

In addition to the publication of the masterplan topic paper we made a number of proposals for artistic interventions at the Cotswold Water Park. One of these became Songpole, which was installed in early Spring 2008.