Horizon Screen, Compass Lounge

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Horizon Screen, Renderheads - youtube

Liminal created a sound design for the Horizon Screen, one of the exhibits in the Compass Lounge, National Maritime Museum (NMM), London, designed by Kin as part of the Museum’s major redevelopment.

Based around the theme of navigation, a five-screen panoramic display was designed to communicate the breadth of the museum’s archive. Controlled by a giant silver track ball, the interactive exhibit utilizes an innovative visual layout algorithm to cascade thousands of high-resolution images, which then settle to reveal detailed artifacts from the archive.

Divided into five themes of Flags, Oil Paintings, Ship Models, Uniforms and Coins, Liminal created a four-channel soundscape arranged across the top of the screens, which offers a sonic response to the space of the exhibition, the visual language of the interaction and the content being displayed.

Liminal were commissioned by Kin for the National Maritime Museum (NMM), London. Coding was by Renderheads, using a visual layout algorithm developed at the University of Dundee.