Living Painting - NYHS (2011)

The Living Painting is a unique experience that greets visitors immediately as they enter the reconfigured New-York Historical Society. It transports visitors back in time to the revolutionary moment that caught fire in New York and ultimately let to the founding of a new nation and the New-York Historical Society itself. The installation brings to life Johannes Adam Simon Oertel's painting Pulling Down the Statue of King George III. David Small

As visitors enter the New-York Historical Society, they are greeted by what appears to be a large oil painting, depicting a mob of colonists at dusk with the soon to be destroyed statue of King George III as the focal point. What they are actually seeing is the scene depicted on a series of LCD screens. The painting comes to life as visitor draws close to the screens by using subtle animations, such as drifting smoke, the pulling down of the horse statue, waving arms, and a running dog. Liminal worked with David Small to carefully compose the audio elements enhancing the feeling of animated life and contributing to the sense of observing the actual event depicted in the original oil painting.