The Auditory (2005- )

The Auditory is an acoustic mirror, which will focus the sound of its environment onto the ears of an auditor. Sounds normally inaudible 100 metres away will become clear, challenging the listener’s sense of where they are, by concentrating attention on the aural environment and re-configuring what might be perceived to be the significant sensory cues that define a place.

The auditor will stand on a rotating platform so that they can pan the mirror across an ever changing sound-field. Those within the ‘focal’ range of the reflector will experience sounds with an uncanny level of clarity, resulting in a palpable shift in aural focus depending on whether they are inside or outside its axis.

The project is about what happens to our interpretation of the world when listening becomes the dominant means of experiencing our environment. While functioning as an aural telescope, revealing fine detail in otherwise inaudible sound sources, The Auditory also immediately suggests reflection on the act of listening itself.