The Space Between (2004)

The Space Between is an electron microscope scan of the ‘silence’ between two tracks on a vinyl record. The image is magnified to 1:10-9m and was originally exhibited at Plymouth Arts Centre the Out of Scale group show.

As part of Architecture Week 2004, we were invited to participate in the Out of Scale exhibition at Plymouth Arts Centre. Contributors included artists, architects and designers, each of whom were asked to submit an object to be scanned at 10-9 by an Electron Microscope.

The exhibition resulted in images that elicited themes relating to notions of ‘scale’ on many different levels, both conceptually and materially. The responses explored these themes in terms of ritual and cultural metaphor as well as an exploration of hidden spatial qualities, structures and processes of formation.

Our response was to request a scan of the silence between two tracks on a vinyl record. On the image above, this ‘silence’ can be identified by the largest gap on the right hand side.

Out of Scale was curated by Chris Speed.