Research into the relationship between sound, listening and culture forms an integral part of our collaborative practice. We work with engineers, acousticians, planners, architects, audiologists, neuroscientists, musicians and curators on projects where sound, listening and the environment are common themes across these diverse disciplines. Both Frances and David have worked as academics within the fields of architecture, music and sound art.

Transient-Data Parish (2019)

Transient-Data Parish

Creed (2018)


Architecture Making Community (2015 - 2019)

Architecture Making Community

Field of Play:End of The Game (2016)

End of the Game

To Intercession (2015)

To Intercession

Transient Parish (2015)

Transient Parish

Already 289ms Away (2015)

Already 289ms Away

Report – Fort Process (2014)


Of This Parish: A Film (2014)

Of This Parish: A Film

Chroma: Interaction of Noise (2013)


Of This Parish (2013)

Of This Parish

Organ of Corti  (2010-11)

Organ of Corti

Guinness Community Map

Guinness Community Map

Hum!  (2010-11)


Underground (2013)


Horizon Screen, Compass Lounge

horizon screen

Living Painting - NYHS (2011)

Living Painting

Cochlea Unwound  (2010- )

Cochlea Unwound

The Lost Frequency  (2010)

The Lost Frequency

Diagnosing the Sound of the Landscape  (2010)

Diagnosing the Sound...

Tranquillity is a State of Mind (2008-10)

Tranquility is a State of Mind

The Boisterous Sea of Liberty (2009)

The Boisterous Sea of Liberty

Songpole  (2008)


Cotswold Water Park, Strategic Masterplan  (2007)

Cotswold Water Park Masterplan

Black Water Brown Water  (2007-8)

Black Water Brown Water

SpACE-Net: Swash  (2007)

SpACE-Net: Swash

Warwick Bar Soundwalk (2006)

Warwick Bar Soundwalk

Warwick Bar Masterplan  (2005-6)

Warwick Bar Masterplan

Churchill War Rooms  (2004-5)

Churchill War Rooms

Hear, Being Here  (2005- )

Hear, Being Here

The Auditory  (2005- )

The Auditory

The Space Between  (2004)

The Space Between

White Out White Noise (2005)

White Out White Noise

Swash (2003)


Good Vibrations  (2000)

Good Vibrations

Another Poisonous Sunset (1998-99)

Another Poisonous Sunset

Triptych  (1997)


Potted Histories (1998)

Potted Histories