We begin by thinking of sound as a material with which to create spaces. Challenging the dominant hierarchy of the senses, the structures we design are defined primarily for the way they will sound rather than by their visual form. We hope that our projects might function then as ‘listening devices’: frames through which to contemplate the act of listening.

Selected work

Transient Parish (2015) »
Transient Parish (2015)
For Goonhilly Village Green 2015, Liminal created a temporary parish by erecting a bell tower at the centre of the festival site
Organ of Corti (2010-11) »
Organ of Corti  (2010-11)
Organ of Corti, winner of PRS for Music Foundation’s New Music Award 2010, is a four metre high, visually transparent sonic crystal that takes sounds
Cochlea Unwound (2010- ) »
Cochlea Unwound  (2010- )
The Cochlea Unwound takes its cue from the audiological process of ‘tonotopic mapping’ that begins in the cochlea and travels up through the auditory system
The Auditory (2005- ) »
The Auditory  (2005- )
The Auditory is an aural telescope and works as an acoustic mirror to focus the sound of the surrounding environment onto the ears of an