Our approach to designing sound environments for exhibitions rests on a commitment to immersing ourselves in the subject matter of the exhibition, working closely with clients to consider how sound might be used to express the goals of an exhibit. Using high-end spatial audio technologies such as ambisonics and discreet multi-channel diffusion systems, we create bespoke sound environments. Through this we provide unique, award-winning visitor experiences of the highest calibre.

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To Intercession (2015) »
To Intercession (2015)
To Intercession focuses on the dual role bells have played in defining territory and interceding between humans and God
Horizon Screen, Compass Lounge »
Horizon Screen, Compass Lounge
Liminal created a sound design for the Horizon Screen, one of the exhibits in the Compass Lounge, National Maritime Museum (NMM), London, designed by Kin
The Boisterous Sea of Liberty (2009) »
The Boisterous Sea of Liberty (2009)
The Boisterous Sea is an interactive narrative installation about Thomas Jefferson's ideas on Liberty and the history of their development.
Churchill War Rooms (2004-5) »
Churchill War Rooms  (2004-5)
Surveys bear out the deep sense of engagement visitors feel after using the space, and the degree to which they want to repeat the visit.